SNF (UK) Ltd.’s Speciality range of polymers cover a diverse range of Industries and end use applications which complement our core range of FLOPAM™ Flocculants and FLOQUAT™ Coagulants.

Supported by a team of chemists with a focus on Research & Development, Innovation and Investment the SNF Group have developed a range of Speciality polymers suitable for Agriculture, Textile, Construction, Homecare & Paints & Coatings applications;

  • AQUASORB™ – Super Absorbent Water Retainers  for Soil & Substrates
  • FLOGEL™ – Anionic Rheology Modifier for Homecare & Industrial Applications
  • FLOSET™ – Rheology modifiers and additives for cement.
  • FLOSPERSE™ – Dispersants and Anti Scalents
  • FLOSOFT™ – Cationic Rheology Modifier for Fabric Softeners
  • FLOSORB – Industrial Super Absorbent for Homecare / I&I
  • FLOLUX™ – Textile finishing products.
  • FLOSIZE™ – Sizing agents for use alone or in combination with other sizing agents.
  • FLOFIX™ – Fixatives.
  • FLOLINE LUB™ – Lubricants.
  • FLOPRINT™ – Thickeners for textile printing.
  • FLOCARE™ – Cosmetic thickeners and conditioners.
  • FLOPAINT™ – Paint thickeners.
  • FLODERM™ – Additives for leather
  • METALSORB™ – Heavy Metal Precipitant