Brewery Waste Water Treatment in London

A major European utilities services and technology provider had been contractually engaged to design, build and operate waste water treatment facilities on behalf of two UK brewing companies in London.

The volumes and strength of the waste waters to be treated varies considerably over time and presents a significant challenge to process engineering and chemical treatment programme management.

During the commissioning phase, the treatment plants at both breweries struggled to reach the required performance criteria in terms of final effluent quality. Two global “Full Service Water Treatment” chemical companies had been engaged to propose chemical treatment programmes but without consistent success.

An approach was made to SNF to see if it could solve the problems on each site. Experienced SNF technical staff visited site to assess the issues. The following simple but effective approach was put in practice:

  • Site inspections and discussions with staff to gain a full understanding of the treatment processes
  • Confirmation of the variances in mass balances and volumetric flows and the performance criteria required
  • Evaluation of waste water inputs and outputs records
  • Identification of the problem areas

Once the problem areas had been confirmed, a series of laboratory evaluations was conducted over a period of weeks to ensure that appropriate treatment programmes were selected whatever the substrate treatability.

Approval was granted for full scale plant trials using bespoke SNF coagulants and flocculants. With days of implementation, the plants were performing within specification and passed the 7 day “in specification” performance tests with flying colours.

12 months later, SNF continues to provide products and expert technical service to both breweries. A regular programme of laboratory based test work and site presence ensures that the treatment plants continue to perform within specification.



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