Costly Effluence Discharge

An industrial laundry company wished to improve waste water quality and to reduce disposal costs. The company had a typical waste water plant. A traditional inorganic coagulant was added first to pre-condition the waste water and associated solids, followed by a synthetic polymer to flocculate the solids ready for separation from the waste water. SNF was supplying the synthetic flocculant polymer. The inorganic coagulant was supplied by a third party.

The laundry company was considering installation of additional kit, to further treat the waste water after separation of the flocculated solids. However their raw waste water contained sticky organic material, and this sticky material could be difficult to remove properly from the waste water stream. Reliable removal of the sticky material was necessary for satisfactory performance of the new kit being considered. SNF was invited to assess the waste water treatment options open to the company, with a view to recommending a cost-effective means of improving the quality of treated waste water.

SNF made a site visit, and carried out bench-top testwork. A treatment process was identified, which readily gave both a much-improved treated liquor, and high quality, free-settling, flocs. The laundry company was able to see at first hand the positive results from the bench-top testwork.

  • SNF recommended changing the existing straight inorganic coagulant for a particular high-performance Flopam® coagulant from SNF’s range.
  • The recommended coagulant is specifically designed to give superior results on wastewaters containing sticky organic material.
  • This coagulant has the further advantage of generating significantly less sludge in use, compared with traditional inorganic coagulants.
  • There was no need to change the Flopam® flocculant polymer.
  • SNF gave the company detailed guidance on how to get the best out of the recommended Flopam® coagulant.

A works trial was arranged, with the Technical Sales Representative present in support, and the superior performance of the recommended Flopam® coagulant was confirmed on full scale. SNF continued to offer practical support in getting the best results out of both the wastewater plant and the treatment chemicals.

The laundry company continues to take monthly tonne lots of the recommended Flopam® coagulant, for over a year now, along with the continuing smaller requirement for the associated Flopam® flocculant.



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