FLOPAM FO4008XXR series

The FLOPAM FO4008XXR series is composed of medium molecular weight powder polymers that have extremely highly branched structures. Currently there are two available cationicities in this product range – high and very high.

Compared with powder polymers that have a linear molecular structure, the higher branching rate of the FLOPAM FO4008XXR series provides better ability to pull out water and improves floc resistance. For these reasons FLOPAM FO4808XXR was selected for trials on a dewatering application processing a difficult to treat THP municipal sludge, where the cross-linked emulsion polymer FLOPAM DW2145 was currently in use.

Other powder polymers from the SNF (UK) Ltd range had been trialled on this application but could not provide the same performance in terms of sludge throughput and cake solids as the cross-linked emulsion polymer.
FLOPAM FO4808XXR was trialled and due to its extremely highly branched molecular structure it was able to release more water from the feed sludge and the flocs produced were resistant to the high shear environment experienced during the dewatering process.

This resulted in sludge throughout and cake solids results being comparable to those when the cross-linked emulsion polymer was in use. The cost of treatment in terms of polymer cost per tonnes dry solids was reduced by 40% by switching from using a cross-linked emulsion polymer to an extremely highly branched powder polymer.


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