Increased Profit From Heavy Metal Reduction

The metal finishing company was faced with the possibility of having to decline to treat those specific work-pieces anymore.

The company approached SNF for assistance, and a site visit was made to carry out bench-top testwork. A treatment process was identified, which readily gave gin-clear treated liquor, and excellent quality, free-settling, flocs. Two step treatment using a pre-conditioning coagulant was necessary; single-step treatment with flocculant alone was not satisfactory. The metal finishing company was able to see at first hand the high quality results from the bench-top testwork.  SNF advised the company how to use the treatment chemicals economically and to the best effect.

SNF also advised the company about simple wastewater treatment plant modifications, to improve the existing facilities.

The company placed a trial order for the two products recommended by SNF, to satisfy themselves there were no unforeseen problems applying the treatment on full scale. SNF was available for support during the full-scale trial, but this service was not needed.

The metal finishing company was completely happy with the results of the full scale trial. The company has re-ordered SNF recommended products, and has not after all been forced to turn away profitable business.



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