Introducing Greener Chemistry for Food & Beverage Plant

We have introduced a greener chemistry for a leading supplier of a wide variety of food products to the retail and food service markets, specialising in fresh and tinned meats.  The site produces a comprehensive range of fried product, fresh sausage and a range of meat snacking products.  Effluent from the production plant contains high levels of FOG suspended solids and COD.  The effluent is balanced prior to treatment via Dissolved Air Flotation.

After successful plant trials SNF(UK) Ltd has recently introduced a new, greener chemistry to assist treatment, including the use of an organic coagulant derived from totally renewable sources and a water based cationic polymer, the measure of treatment performance is COD, FOG and TSS, the discharge consents are as follows:

COD = 3000mg/l

FOG = 100mg/l

TSS = 1000mg/l

pH = 6 to 10

The Treatment Processes

  • The balanced effluent is pumped to the DAF at a flow of around 10m3/hr
  • pH corrected to pH5.5 to 6.0 with Sulphuric Acid (optimal pH for coagulation)
  • Coagulation with Ecotann® 75
  • Flocculation with SFC45HW
  • Solid/liquid separation via DAF
  • Sludge pumped to sludge holding tank for tanker removal
  • Underflow pH corrected with 32% Caustic to >pH6 prior to discharge

The Results and Benefits to the Customer

  • Oil-free treated water and sludge, as well as excellent levels of performance.
  • Improved FOG discharge compliance.
  • Improved COD reduction resulting in lower mogden discharge costs.
  • Lower levels of sludge production.
  • Improved health and safety by using a non hazardous coagulant derived from a renewable source.
  • Greener chemistry contributes to a lower carbon foot print.
  • Easier polymer make down, resulting lower mixing times and reduced energy consumption.



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