SNF (UK) Ltd AIRFLO unit for powder polymer preparation systems.

Up until now, the Venturi system has always been used to transfer the required amount of powder polymer to produce a polymer solution. This consists of the polymer powder flowing through an open unit. However, it can lead to issues if the humidity of the area in which the polymer preparation unit is housed is not properly controlled. Absorption of free moisture within the atmosphere causes the polymer powder to agglomerate leading to blockages and potential powder spillages. It’s far from ideal – it can result in downtime, a costly clean up and health and safety implications in the form of a serious slip hazard.

The solution
To overcome these problems, SNF has launched a new design concept – the AIRFLO system. It uses an enclosed unit to convey the polymer powder from the screw feeder to the Jetwet head.

While other enclosed delivery units are available, this new design actually requires less air pressure at the screw feeder. We achieved that by redesigning the pipe work and replacing sharp, angular bends with ‘sweeping’ bends to allow for unrestricted movement of the powder polymer. In turn, this reduces the potential for compaction within the pipework, virtually eliminating the possibility of blockages. The reduction in air pressure combined with the enclosed unit also has the advantage of decreased noise levels compared to traditional powder transfer systems.

As part of this new design, an inline pressure switch is incorporated into the system. That means in the unlikely event of an obstruction, a ‘blocked powder’ alarm will be triggered, causing the unit to shut down before any major incident can occur.

‘The AIRFLO unit needs only limited maintenance and with tool-free dismantling and re-assembly, the cleaning of the system can be done in less than two minutes.’

To date, SNF has successfully installed in more than 20 municipal sites around the United Kingdom.

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