The oil and gas industries are constantly seeking to increase the final percentage of hydrocarbons recovered from mature or newly exploited reservoirs, thus multiplying the number of enhanced
extraction projects around the world. In Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) processes, polyacrylamides are used to viscosify injection water in order to improve reservoir sweeping and increase the volume of hydrocarbons extracted therefrom.

This technique greatly reduces the amount of water needed to extract a barrel of oil. Used as friction reducers, these polymers have revolutionized the energy market by making it possible to fracture low-permeability bedrock with aqueous fluid and release hydrocarbons that have been held captive over geological time.


An optimised oil and gas recovery method

SNF has been providing polymers for EOR since 1986. Since then, research and development activities have improved our knowledge of the behaviour of polymers in geological formations and brought down the cost of this technology to very competitive levels.

Polymers are used to increase the viscosity of water injected into underground formations, improve the sweep efficiency and raise the final percentage of hydrocarbons recovered from the reservoir. To optimize this operation, SNF offers design and manufacture services
for water-soluble polymer dissolution and injection equipment.

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