SNF is the world’s leading polyacrylamide manufacturer.

Through a wide range of speciality products, we bring to our customers our deep polymer expertise and multiple innovations to help them to create an impact in the cosmetics industry.

At SNF, we develop and manufacture various products at many locations around the globe and promote worldwide ingredients for the personal care market. Our polymers provide a variety of main benefits such as thickening, conditioning or suspending effects but also various sensorial secondary benefits like rich feel, glossy texture, and freshness.

Our Flocare and Flogel ranges are specially developed to drive consumer benefits, in segments such as Bath & Shower, Hair Care and Skin Care!

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Bath and Shower

Flocare C range: polyquaterniums

This range is dedicated to all the formulations requesting conditioning and moisturizing effect in your toiletries formulations.

During the use of formulations based on Flocare C, you will be surprised by the rich, creamy foam and the smooth silky after-feel on your skin.

Hair Care

Flocare C range: polyquaterniums

Flocare C offers full conditioning properties depending on hair types.

This cationic polymer category delivers various attributes depending on the quality chosen, however, all improve combing properties together with softness and shine to the hair.

In hair formulations, this product enhances the foam during the application of the rinse-off product.

Flocare ET and PSD range: Cationic inverse emulsions

Flocare ET and PSD are multifunctional polymers delivering conditioning and thickening properties. Depending on your process, you can use the cold-processable liquid form (Flocare ET) or the dry/powdered format (Flocare PSD).

These multifunctional products fit ideally with hairrepair shampoos and conditioning masks.

Flogel FG range: Carbomer

Flogel FG carbomers providing a high viscosity at low concentration.

Flogel FG polymers are highly efficient thickeners suitable for clear formulations in water or in hydro-alcoholic gels. This product range is suitable for styling and fixative hair gels.

As Flogel FG is able to deliver high viscosity, and air bubbles can be suspended in hair styling gel formulations.

Flocare ES range : Anionic inverse emulsion

Flocare ES is an effective thickener particularly in formulations containing high electrolyte concentration. Flocare ES is specially designed for hair colour formulations.

Skin Care

Flocare ET and PSD range : Anionic and cationic inverse emulsions

Flogel ET and PSD are multifunctional products delivering thickening, stabilizing and texturing properties. This product range uses different type of polymers allowing to formulate on a wide pH range. Thanks to this versatility, all types of skin care formulations can be based on Flocare ET or PSD.

Depending on your process, you can use the cold-processable liquid form (Flocare ET) or the dry/powdered format (Flocare PSD).

Flocare ET and PSD are a formulators best choice for sun and after-sun creams, moisturizing creams.

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