As the largest polyacrylamide manufacturer in the world, SNF provides an extensive range of services to accompany its specialist customer engineering division.

We supply chemical treatment systems and products to help preserve our natural resources, aid recycling efforts and improve efficiencies of industrial processes. However, you can also draw on our expert knowledge about these machines, whether you want to talk design, build, servicing or maintenance. With a strong presence on every continent, SNF is able to support its clients wherever in the world they may be.

Discover how we can help you in your mission by browsing the services we offer below.

Design & Build

Thanks to our expertise and experience of solid-liquid separation technology, we’re able to offer a comprehensive design and build service. Customised for your requirements, we’ll ensure process optimisation and efficiency when it comes to the make-up of polymer and chemical dosing systems.

We’ll work with you at every stage of the system’s development, from the initial drawings right through to the finished product. We’ll ensure our equipment meets specification and is not only of the highest-quality but of such a standard it’ll rival any competition. Every unit is tested on site before being handed over to you.


SNF is proud to offer a comprehensive training programme for our full range of polymer preparation equipment. Once you’ve taken delivery of your dosing system, you’ll receive a site visit from one of our specialist engineers who will provide you with all the up-to-date information you need.

As part of the training, you can expect to learn how to operate the equipment and asses and adjust settings to be specific to the site it’s installed on. We’ll also help you integrate SNF equipment within your treatment process and explain the routine maintenance checks you’ll need to carry out.

SNF Parts

We can supply spare parts for SNF and non-SNF units when you require them. By purchasing spare parts from us, you’ll benefit from the expert knowledge of our engineers – each one has a thorough understanding of all polyelectrolyte preparation and chemical dosing systems. We carry stock of the most in-demand consumable parts and ensure we’re as flexible as possible for our customers.


SNF provides after-sales support either in the form of a periodic service or maintenance agreement. Use this service to ensure the longevity of your polymer system and help to avoid expensive repair costs in the event of a breakdown.

It’s our job to ensure you experience as little downtime as possible. Plus, our servicing and maintenance can help to extend the life of the plant and reduce capital expenditure.

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