SNF manufacture a range of superabsorbent polymers under the AQUASORB / FLOSORB trade name. These products are based on partially cross-linked polyacrylamides and sodium polyacrylates.

AQUASORB is a water retainer that, when incorporated into a soil or a substrate, absorbs and retains large quantities of water and nutrients. Unlike most products that become hydrated, AQUASORB has the property of easily releasing the absorbed water and nutrients, thereby allowing the plant to have water and nutrients available at will as a function of the absorption – release cycles.


Increases the Water Holding Capacity of soils

Enhances plant growth. Water and nutrients are available in the root zone for optimal absorption by plants.Provides a buffer effect against climatic hazards.Provides a buffer effect against climatic hazards.

Provides a buffer effect against climatic hazards.

There are many applications in agriculture: tree planting, nurseries, transplanting, landscaping, large scale farming etc


AQUASORB is a superabsorbent anionic polyacrylamide polymer. It is a crosslinked copolymers of acrylamide and potassium acrylate that is water insoluble.


The AQUASORB has the property of absorbing up to four hundred times its weight in distilled water and it becomes gel. In contact with water, the polymer network expands thanks to an osmosis process and stores the liquid into its structure.